How to pack for moving houses

Tips on How to Pack for Moving Homes in Kenya

1. Always Start Packing Early 

There are many moving companies in Kenya. You need to identify a mover and arranging for them to deliver boxes and packing materials. When you get some spare time you can try to do some packing of items you do not use frequently. Alao you need to identify all the inventory of your household items, noting all the fragile items that need specialised care when they’re being moved, and any scratches or dents on any office furniture or home decor you may have.

How to pack for moving houses in Kenya

Measure rooms in your new home to ensure furniture will fit in your new home. Moreover, ensure you arrange time off work and plan for how to care for any children and pets on moving day. This prevents any last minute hurdles. Disassemble bulky outdoor items and create a kit with basic tools and first-aid supplies. A week before the moving day kindly arrange final readings of your gas and electricity meters and reconnections at your new house.

Dismantle your furniture and always take care to tape screws in an obvious location. Also arrange to water your indoor plants lightly and pack them into plastic-lined boxes. Thirdly, ensure you back up your computer files to avoid loss of information.

2. Conduct Decluttering When you Pack for Moving Houses

When you pack for a move, think about every single item you are moving. Decluttering is very important. Make sure you clear out anything you are not using. Evaluate whether an  item will add value to your life or otherwise. Thus you should go through all rooms including the garage. Put items into three categories namely  keep, store and discard. Make sure kids are onboard and sort their things too.

3. Book the Best Quality Products

Ensure the moving boxes  always have a steady base and are of the right quality. Most movers in Kenya understand and have access to boxes of the right quality. On average a mover in Nairobi moving a 2 bedrooms house would use an average of 40 boxes for the move depending on the size of the house and the amount of clothes and furniture in the house. Usually movers include the cost of boxes in the moving fee. However if possible you can hire boxes and have ready for your moving day.

4. How to Pack for Moving Homes and Label Products

Pack light items such as clothes and toys in the largest boxes. For the heavy items use smaller boxes and ensure that the heaviest items are at the bottom. Also ensure your clearly label ‘Fragile’ for items that can easily break during the process of moving. When it comes to your packing strategy, it is highly  recommended for you to start with the least used items first and working your way down to ones you use regularly. Ensure you have clear labels for rooms where the boxes have been packed. Also ensure the boxes are labeled on the side instead of the top for easier identification when they are stacked. Ensure you pack the valuable and precious items, such as jewellery separately and transport them yourself.

5. Hire Professional Packers and Movers

If you do not have time time and have some money consider hiring professional packers and Movers.They are trained and can ensure that items are secure for transport. You can negotiate with the movers and packers to offer you the packing and unpacking service as a package so that it can cost you much less.

Different moving companies charge different  prices for moving assignment. In addition, they are able to pack, transport and settle you into the new house within the same day. They’ll also provide all the packing gear they’ll need, from rolls of bubble wrap to rolls of tape and foam cushioning for securely transporting lamps and furniture. Ensure that you pack all essential items in a bag or box for each family member to get you through the first couple of nights in your new home before you are  fully unpacked. Items such as pyjamas,toiletries and medication should be within hands reach for use when required.

7. Seed up the Moving Process

There are many things you can do to ensure that the moving company will charge less in their moving quotation. Firstly, arrange a house  visit ahead of time which is usually free so the mover can assess whether additional labour is needed for heavy items or if they need to accommodate difficult access.

An inspection also helps them assess which size truck from their fleet they will need to use on the day. This will also help you decide what items you want to move yourself. Also organize and get keys for your new home before the moving day. This will help you move the things that are not bulky.

Before the movers arrive on moving day, have all the beds and tables dismantled, boxes packed and sealed. Inquire from your Movers on the size of their truck and ensure you reserve a parking spot for their truck.

8. Unpack Soonest Possible

Ensure you have as many people as possible to assist you in unpacking. Finally, make certain the Movers you have hired are professional and experienced. Ensure you also flatten boxes as you empty them and have a space for storing them. 

Thse tips for on how to pack for moving homes will make your work easier.

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