What will movers not pack during a move

items you should not pack

When planning a move, packing is one task that will keep you rather busy and occupied from the first day of the preparation until the actual day of the home move. However, making packing choices ahead of time and knowing what will movers not pack will save you time and money. 

To save yourself from a lot of hassle in the run-up to the move, here is a list of things you should avoid packing and those you should first set aside during your move;

Items you no longer need – what will movers not pack 

During a move, it can be hard to let go of possessions you have owned for a while. However, moving to a new home presents the perfect opportunity to get rid of some old pieces. Before you pack for your move, dispose of items that no longer have sentimental value. 

These may include; clothes that don’t fit, possessions that cannot be repaired, books you will never read again, or anything that will clutter up your new home.

Items of High-Value

Items of high value are those that have sentimental value to you. They include; expensive jewelry, any important documents, money, one of a kind artwork among other items of high value. Keep your treasures with you or put them aside, though on sight as you pack for your move. The best idea is to keep all valuables aside in moving boxes and load them last on the moving truck. You could also plan to
transfer the valuables to your new home before your move.

Perishable Items 

While perishables such as food aren’t potentially dangerous, they can cause a huge mess to your move. If your move is local, with proper packing and storage, you can carry perishables with you. If your move to a new home will require a long-distance move, dispose of all the perishables and consider carrying canned food.

Before the date of your move, make sure to clear up all your food supplies. You can donate extras to the needy.


Chances are you probably have potentially flammable, corrosive, hazardous items such as paints, gasoline, aerosol cans in your apartment. Packing hazardous chemicals safely can provide a big challenge. 

During a move, children get very curious and the last thing you would want on a moving day is a horrible accident. Moving day safety is critical and the risk is just too great. So rather than trying to move these items, you should get rid of them or leave them out of a moving truck. Nevertheless, most professional movers have a list of allowable and non-allowable items.

Fragile Items 

Some items should be left aside for professional movers to pack to prevent unforeseeable injury and breakages. Fragile electronics like mobile phones, computers, and laptops should not be immediately packed and loaded into a moving truck. 

If you are moving fragile items into your new home, make sure they are properly packed and marked. When possible, consider using different color codes for the packing boxes and label them properly.


While it is important to move your pet with you when moving to a new home, you should not endanger the lives of your cherished animal by entrusting them to home movers unless they are specialized pet movers. When moving your pet to your new home, consider hiring experienced pet movers. If the pet seems nervous before you
move to a new home, discuss with your vet the possible use of tranquilizers. 

It is very important to make sure your pets have a safe and secure place away from the moving
boxes and movers on a moving day.

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