House Moving Services in Nairobi

Whether you’re moving next door, or you are moving long-distance within the country or Cross border, Rhino Prompt Movers Kenya is the best house moving company in Kenya. We ensure we offer a professional, hassle-free, and seamless moving experience.

Having been in the moving industry for many years, we have a wealth of experience and expertise in the moving industry and have become a market leader in moving houses and relocation in Kenya. This gives us a unique understanding and appreciation of the diverse client needs. Therefore, we are able to deliver above board on all our moving assignments.

We conduct a Site Visit/Home Visit so that we are able to ascertain the household items needed to be moved. This ensures that we give a reasonable, affordable, and accurate quotation.

Every moving and relocation assignment is considered unique as customers have different requirements. We ensure that we walk them through the process so that they can also give their suggestions and input. This enables us to tailor their quotes to their specific needs.

House Moving in Kenya

Our role on the Moving Day

On the moving day, we provide transportation, labor, and materials required in the moving exercise.
This includes packing materials of the highest quality which includes; branded boxes, wardrobe boxes, white paper, corrugated paper, blankets, and padding materials.

We then pack all your items in our moving boxes, wrap all your couches neatly and safely and also pack all your utensils to ensure they arrive at your new home damage-free.

Once we arrive at your new house, we do the offloading from the moving truck and carry your household items to your home. We then unpack and rearrange them as per the client instructions

Efficiency and Professionalism in House Moving

At Rhino Prompt Movers we care about our customers and strive to offer a safe, efficient, and professional moving experience for all our customers. Our major priority to deliver efficient worry-free moving at a very affordable price. When moving houses. each move is allocated to a Relocation Supervisor who plans, coordinates, and supervises the entire process. We also explain to the customer what our expectations are and the customer also explains their expectations. 

We also offer office moving services, cleaning and pest control services, packing services, storage solutions and international relocation.