Moving Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Moving into a new home can be exciting and overwhelming as a result, many people make a lot of mistakes in the process. Some mistakes can be costly and time-consuming. 

To make your move easier, consider these five moving mistakes and how to avoid them on your next move:

Moving Mistakes

  1. Not Labelling Moving Boxes

Labeling your packing boxes either on the top or on the sides will allow you to keep them organized and to easily find items once you reach your new home. It is better to pack and label moving boxes based on what part of the home they belong to. 

Therefore take time to properly label all moving boxes according to packed contents, the required mode of handling, and which room each box belongs to. Proper labeling of moving boxes will help you during unpacking.

  2. Failing to Pack Moving Boxes Properly

Not packing properly can drastically delay your move. Make sure all your belongings are properly packed in sealed boxes. Get adequate packing boxes that can accommodate all your belongings before you move. 

For each moving box, take cognizance of the size and weight to know the right items to pack. Always ensure the packing boxes can support all items that go in because improper packing can be costly and it may lead to damage of items in transit.

  3. Packing Unnecessary Belongings

Your move is an opportunity to get rid of anything extra you do not need or use such as toys your kids have outgrown and clothing that does not fit. Moving everything you own can add unnecessary costs to your move. Get rid of unwanted items through selling or donation. Moving a few items will save you money.

4. You Forget To Create a Moving Inventory

An inventory serves the purpose of a packing list that ensures you do not forget a single item and it also doubles as proof of the condition of your items before the move. Creating an inventory sheet for your move will enable you to keep track of your possession throughout the house moving process. Carefully crafted moving inventory will give you an idea of the moving cost and will guide you to determine the kind and
quantity of packing materials that will fit your move.

  5. Procrastination

Relocating requires multiple steps that range from choosing a reputable moving company to preparing and packing your possession as you wait for the move day. Create a plan of action and a moving guide that will ensure you don’t forget anything during the move. Set the moving date, book your moving company in advance then it’s time to start packing.

While some moving mistakes can be easily handled, some can be costly to bear. As you get ready for your next move, avoid the above mistakes as much as possible. Through planning, you will save time and money on your next move.

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